Public Holiday Picnics.

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Public holidays in Australia vary depending on the state or territory you happen to be in at the time.

We thought we would compile a list of our favourite holidays that we use as an excuse to catch up with family and friends and share a meal ... outside of course 😛

New Year’s Day – January 1st 

New Year’s Day is celebrated throughout Australia to welcome in the beginning of a brand new year. Being smack bang in the middle of summer, a catch up close to the water is usually the popular choice for most looking to use the holiday to catch up with family and friends.

It is also a great chance to finally finish off some of the leg hams and other festive fare left over from xmas Sandwiches are a popular summer picnic food and depending on how big your New Year Eve was, some cold beverages are always a welcome addition.

New Years Picnic

Australia Day – January 26th

Traditionally Australia Day was a day that honoured the landing of the first British fleet into Sydney in 1770 where Aussies would show their pride, putting up flags and spend this time with their friends and family. Today thought, there is a growing movement of Australians that refer to Jan 26 as invasion day, where they don't celebrate the traditional way.

It still however is a national holiday and it is still summer, so no matter what side of the fence you are on it is a great chance to get together outside and share a meal with those you love and reflect on however you see the day in Australian history.

Australia Day Picnic

Easter – April 15th - 18th

Good Friday always kicks off Easter in Australia and starts a four day national holiday. This extra long weekend is a good chance for people to get away with camping a popular choice.

Easter is also the last chance to enjoy some Autumn weather before winter arrives in June. So be sure to pack the Picnic Rug if you do travel and be sure to take in the last chance to picnic before winter.

Easter Picnic

Anzac Day – April 25th

Anzac Day is a national holiday celebrated to commemorate those who served and died in Gallipoli. On this day, there are Commemorative services held at dawn, so we think this is a perfect day for a breakfast picnic following down service.

Although it is not officially winter, it is not far away, so this is always a good one to pack a beanie and some comfy throws and start the day off the right way.

Anzac Day Picnic

Queens Birthday – June 13th

This one is celebrated across most of Australia (sorry QLD and WA) and means a long weekend for most of us. This one though is right at the start of winter, so a great opportunity to rug up, fill the thermos full of soup, grab some fresh baguettes from the local bakery and get out for some fresh air with friends and family. 

Winter Picnic

Christmas – December 24th - 27th

Christmas is something we celebrate nationwide and when families gather to spend some time together, eat a lot and exchange gifts. This period presents plenty of picnic opportunities in one of the best times of the year to get outside being the start off summer.

Whether its carols in the park, a xmas eve catch up with friends before the family arrive, an outdoor xmas lunch with the family or a laid back Boxing Day picnic to try and finish all them leftovers, a picnic over xmas with those you love is in our opinion, the perfect way to finish off the year.

 Christmas picnics

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