9 Reasons Why Sandwiches Make Great Picnic Food.

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Perfect Picnic Food

There is a very big chance, that the first meal that you ever prepared for yourself as a child was a sandwich. Not only is it one of the easier meals for a parent to teach a child how to make, it is one you can have fun doing while knowing that they will enjoy the rewards of all their hard work once it is all over.

It was most definitely the first meal my parents taught me to make as a kid and it makes me wonder if that is why I still love them and consider them a "comfort" food almost 50 years later? (Making note for therapist 🤣)

Sandwiches have been there for me during primary and high school where there wasn't a day I didn't eat one, through university when all I could afford to eat was them, as a parent where I too taught my kids how to make them and now as a mumpreneur where I write about them for my blog and create to share with my picnic loving community.

On the subject of sandwich blogs, I best get back to the reason we are here and solidify my eternal love for the humble sandwich. Below you will see my argument to why they are the all round perfect food choice for a picnic and why they just might be the best picnic food ever. 


Most of my picnicking decisions are spur of the moment, usually made when I can not stand to watch my kids on screens any longer. So when the call is made, I need prep and pack as quick as possible and sandwiches are a perfect choice. 

What ever I have in the fridge and cupboards gets encased between bread, a roll or a wrap and packed in my tote bag with my picnic rug and we are in the car and off to one of our favourite picnic spots.


Nothing packs and travels quite as well as sandwiches, most food containers are designed so they fit and seal well and most households have suitable containers at hand (especially those with kids). Another benefit of sandwiches is that they are handheld when eaten, so no need for plates and cutlery, which means less to pack, and more importantly less to clean up.

Packing Sandwiches for a Picnic


Sandwiches can be made to suit anytime of year by filling them with your favourite seasonal fillings and in season vegetables. They also make a great accompaniment to other meals such as soups in winter and salads in summer.


As mentioned in the intro, sandwiches have always been a comfort food for me whether it be a fresh white loaf with butter and Vegemite or a cheese toasties. So fill your sandwiches with all the things that make you smile or take you back to a moment in time that fills up your happy cup.


No matter what the reason is for a picnic with family and friends, you can theme your sandwiches to suit any occasion. Whether the party is to celebrate a national day or sporting event, you can customise the look and flavour of sandwiches to suit.


Sandwiches are perfect for catering to those with allergies or special eating requirements as you can buy or make so many variants of the bread or fillings to ensure everyone at the picnic can enjoy them.


One good thing about sandwiches are that they are generational and most people, no matter what age had tried and enjoyed one at some point in their life. 


There are not too many foods that can be served across all the traditional meals of the day. But sandwiches can be tailored and eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. 


Every country and region has their own variation of the sandwich so you can do a trip around the world sandwich style if you choose. Whether its a Banh Mi-style sandwich, Mexican Wrap, American deli style like Rueben, Italian Panini ... the choice of international flavours and styles is endless.

The Perfect Picnic Food


I hope that this article provides you some inspiration to look at the calendar and reach out to some family and friends to organise a picnic catch up.

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