Picnics never looked so good.

Picnic Rugs that make the perfect gift. Creating lasting memories that don't cost the earth (especially with our EOFY sale).


The Perfect Picnic Rug that Makes a memorable gift


Our rugs utilise a stain proof technology that eliminates the need for manual spot cleaning. Simply throw them in the washing machine & hang on the line to air dry.


Fabrics used in the crafting of our rugs are all from 100% recycled plastics. Our suppliers & manufacturers all utilise Renewable Energy Sources in the process.

Non Toxic | hypoallergenic

Our Rugs offer utilising the latest non toxic & environmentally safe coating technology to deliver water, sand and stain proofing as per the OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

Gorgeous Designs Limited for Exclusivity

There is nothing worse than taking your gorgeous new gift out in public only to see others with exactly the same product ... Fellow Coolcabana owners will feel our pain.

So we work with with the world's best artists, fabric designers and creatives to create bespoke designs that we limit to only 250 in each collection. Just so your special gift ... Remains special.

We Hope You Love Our Collection.

We curate a collection of patterns and prints that capture the season and hope they create lifelong memories with your family and friends.



My First Love.

My first ever business was a picnic rug business. Never able to find one to buy myself, I created Australia's first ever, large | designer | water proof | picnic rug which I sold at markets across NSW.

It wasn't eco friendly at all, so when the chance arose to do them again, but this time using all the new technology around recycled materials, I couldn't say no and Saltwater Picnic Co. was born.

With some help (and a lot of research) I have created the Perfect Picnic Rug this time round. I hope you love it and make cherish memories with those you love.

Much Love.




Creating Memories

One thing that the craziness of the past couple years has taught me, is just how special time spent with family and friends is.

Being lucky enough to be able to call Australia my home, enjoying a meal outside has always been one of my favourite ways to bring everyone together.

So Picnic Rugs have always held a soft spot in my heart, and getting to work with amazing creatives to produce gorgeous designs is just the icing on the cake.

I hope our products act as motivation and encouragement to get together often with your loved ones and create beautiful memories together.

Much Love.


with your support, WE choose to give to THESE AMAZING ENVIRONMENTAL CHARITIES