The Best Picnic Spots in Hobart

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I am yet to personally introduce Tasmania to our gorgeous picnic rugs, but it is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit in 2023.

Do much so, that I have jumped online to research all the must see spots in and around Hobart, which I wanted to share with you in this picnic blog.

If you are a local or regular visitor to Hobart and have any favourite picnic spots that we have missed, please let me know as I will be constantly adding to the list over time.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

These beautiful gardens offer something for everyone and is a great place to relax, learn, and enjoy a picnic in nature that's right in the heart of the city of Hobart.

The gardens are home to an extensive collection of local plants as well other species from Australia and around the world, including some rare and endangered species.

Outside the plants, the gardens also offer amazing views, several walking trails to choose from, a Japanese Garden, a Fernery, an amazing Rose Garden, a number of artistic sculptures and a range of picnic areas and BBQ facilities.

The gardens also host a number of events and activities throughout the year, including guided tours, workshops, and exhibitions, which you can find on their website.


Hobart Picnic Spots


Mount Wellington.

Located just outside of Hobart, Mount Wellington (also known as Kunanyi) is a popular destination for visitors to Hobart due to its natural beauty and the variety of activities it offers.

The mountain stands at an elevation of 1,271 meters, and at The Pinnacle (a rocky outcropping at the summit), offers some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of Hobart and the surrounding countryside.

The summit can be reached by car but if you can do it on foot via hiking one of the number walking tracks on the mountain, you will be in for an experience not to be missed.

The mountain also offers a wide range of outdoor activities such as mountain biking and rock climbing, has a number of picnic areas and BBQ facilities and is home to a number of unique flora and fauna that can only be found there.

All in all it is a great destination for nature lovers.


Mount Wellington Picnic


Kingston Beach.

Kingston Beach is a popular picnic spot with Hobart locals as it has a large grassy areas and BBQ facilities, making it a great spot for a beachside picnic.

The beach has beautiful white sand and clear, turquoise water that is perfect for swimming and other water activities such as fishing, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding.

The beach is surrounded by the Kingston Beach headland and Blackmans Bay Beach so is a perfect spot to enjoy a picnic, take a walk or simply relax and soak up the sun and natural beauty of the area.

The area is conveniently located near other great picnic spots in this blog such as the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, so makes a great day trip or area for a weekend getaway.


Kingston Beach Picnic


Cornelian Bay.

Cornelian Bay is a great place to visit for anyone looking to experience the natural beauty of Hobart to enjoy a picnic and a range of outdoor activities.

Located on the northern shore of the Derwent River this park has a number of picnic areas and BBQ facilities, as well as beautiful views of the River.

Nestled between the river and the foothills of Mount Wellington. Cornelian Bay offers a range of recreational activities, including boating, fishing, and hiking.

It also has a lovely beach and a historic boathouse that is now home to a popular restaurant and café, for those not wanting to pack some food.


Cornelian Bay Picnic


 Fern Tree Park.

A beautiful and peaceful park located a short drive from the Hobart CBD with views that make it a favourite spot for photographers.

The park features a range of walking trails that wind through lush fern-filled gully and eucalyptus forest and is home to a variety of native plants and you might just spot a Tassie Devil, Wallaby, or Echidna.

Fern Tree also offers a playground for children, a picnic area with BBQ facilities for visitors to enjoy and for those looking for a more active experience, there are many hiking and mountain biking trails to explore.


Fern Tree Park Picnic


Queens Domain.

Queen's Domain is a large public park that offers a wide range of recreational activities for visitors of all ages.

The park is home to several notable attractions, including the Botanical Gardens which we highlighted earlier and Government House, which is a historic residence of the Governor of Tasmania and the site of many important state events.

The Domain also has a playground, sports field, walking and cycling tracks, and a lake where visitors can take a peaceful stroll or enjoy a picnic.

The park is also a popular spot for events and festivals throughout the year, such as the Taste of Tasmania and the Royal Hobart Regatta, visit their website for more info on events.

The park's location on the slopes of Mount Wellington offers visitors a great panoramic view of Hobart and the River Derwent.



Queens Domain Picnic


I hope me sharing this info gets you as excited to visit Hobart for a picnic in the near future. I can't wait to bring down a collection of Saltwater Picnic Co. rugs and share their awesomeness with everyone in Tasmania.

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Well what are you doing still reading this ... Grab your rug and get out there!

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