The Best Picnic Spots in Darwin

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George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

The Botanic gardens provide a beautiful and peaceful setting for a picnic while in Darwin. The gardens are lush with vegetation, colourful flowers, and a variety of birds and other wildlife. 

There is plenty of parking and toilet facilities as well as picnic tables, shelters, a playground and a large pond where you can feed the fish and the birds.

There are guided tours and educational programs and the garden also hosts special events such as concerts, festivals and markets which you can find on their website.

Darwin Botanic Gardens Picnic

East Point Reserve

East Point Reserve offers panoramic views of the Darwin Harbour and is surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. It's also home to a variety of wildlife, including wallabies, kangaroos, and a large number of bird species.

The reserve features several walking trails, bike paths, and picnic areas, making it a great place to enjoy a picnic while also planning in some exercise.

The reserve is located on the site of the East Point Military Reserve and has several historical monuments and interpretive displays that provide insight into Darwin's military history.

The reserve has toilets, barbecues, picnic tables and shelters and offers great viewpoints over Darwin and the harbour. Located near the beach, East Point Reserve is an opportunity to explore the coast and enjoy water-based activities like swimming and fishing.

East Point Reserve Picnic

    Charles Darwin National Park

    A picnic in Charles Darwin National Park is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and take in the diverse wildlife and vegetation. The park offers plenty of scenic spots for picnicking and relaxing, such as along the tidal estuaries and beaches, in the woodlands, and beside the freshwater lagoons.

    Many of the picnic areas are equipped with tables, barbecues, and toilet facilities, making it a great spot for a catch up with family and friends.

    Picnic at Charles Darwin National Park

    Mindil Beach

    A picnic at Mindil Beach is a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery, sun and sand of Darwin's most popular beach. The beach is renown for its long stretches of white sand and crystal clear water, making it a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and beach activities.

    Mindil Beach is also home to the famous Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, which are held on Thursday and Sunday evenings during the dry season, where you can enjoy a wide variety of street food, live music and local handicrafts. This presents a perfect opportunity for a picnic enjoying the sunset with friends and family.

    Picnic at Mindil Beach

    Bicentennial Park

    A picnic in Bicentennial Park in Darwin can be a great way to enjoy the city's natural beauty and cultural heritage. The park is located on the shores of Darwin Harbour, and offers picturesque views of the water and the nearby mangrove forests.

    The park has plenty of grassy areas for picnicking, playgrounds for children, and walking tracks for those who want to explore the natural environment. It also has a number of cultural and historical monuments, including the Darwin Cenotaph, which is a war memorial dedicated to the soldiers who fought in World War I and II. 

    Bicentennial Park Picnic Darwin

    Nightcliff Foreshore

    A picnic at Nightcliff Foreshore in Darwin can be a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the area while taking in the stunning sunset views over the ocean. The foreshore offers a long stretch of picturesque beach and a large grassy area for picnicking and relaxing.

    The foreshore also has a well-maintained bike/walking path that runs along the coast, which makes it a great spot for a leisurely stroll or bike ride. The area is also known for its lively atmosphere with plenty of local vendors selling street food and drinks.

    Nightcliff Foreshore Picnic NT

    Leanyer Recreational Park

    A picnic at Leanyer Recreational Park in Darwin can be a great way to enjoy a wide range of recreational activities while surrounded by nature. Featuring a large grassed area, playgrounds and a large water park, it's a perfect spot for kids and adults to cool off in the hot weather.

    The park is home to the Leanyer Enclosed Mangrove Boardwalk, which offers an opportunity to explore the diverse mangrove ecosystems and learn about the local flora and fauna. Leanyer Recreational Park is a perfect spot for a picnic, to enjoy a variety of activities and also for learning about the natural surroundings.

    Picnic in the NT

    Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve

    A picnic at Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve in Darwin can be a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and learn about the unique ecosystem of the wetlands . The reserve is home to a variety of wildlife and vegetation, including migratory birds, crocodiles, and water buffalo.

    It also features a number of walking tracks and picnic areas that allow visitors to explore the reserve and take in the natural beauty of the area. The reserve also offers a range of recreational activities such as bird watching, fishing, and kayaking. It is a perfect spot for a picnic and also for getting in touch with nature.

    Picnic at Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve

    Litchfield National Park

    A picnic in Litchfield National Park, located about 110km from Darwin, can be a great way to experience the natural beauty of the area. The park is known for its beautiful waterfalls, crystal-clear rock pools, and scenic hiking trails.

    You can enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as swimming, picnicking, and camping, as well as more adventurous activities such as rock-climbing, canoeing and fishing. The park also offers a range of picnic areas, many of which are equipped with amenities such as picnic tables, barbecues, and toilet facilities. 

     Litchfield National Park Picnic

    I hope me sharing this info gets you as excited to picnic in Darwin next time you visit.

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    Well what are you doing still reading this ... Grab your rug and get out there!



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