Why We are Better than a Kmart Picnic Rug

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The reason this article came into existence is because I was absolutely gobsmacked to see the amount of searches that happen on search engines for the term "picnic rugs Kmart".

This search term ranked second, only behind "picnic rug" in all of the inter webs searches around picnic rugs, so out of curiosity I thought I better see what exactly Kmart has to offer when it comes to picnic rugs and see how we compare.

Before I start, I want to preface by saying that no matter the differences between our mats and Kmarts picnic rugs, if not being able to afford one of our rugs is stopping you form getting outside and enjoying a meal with family and friends, please buy what you can afford and get out there, as you are missing a great experience that might just create some lifelong memories.

That being said, let's jump in and compare the pair.


This was an obvious, but also tricky comparison, as like they say ... "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

But whether you think our designs or Kmart designs are the better looking, the big difference is the number of designs to choose from in our collections versus the limited designs available at Kmart.

Another factor to consider is the volume of each design available. We limit each one of our designs to 250 of each where I would expect that the big box retailers would hold 100 times more of each design than we do, so if you enjoy having a unique design when out in public, then we definitely tick the box in that regard. 

Kmart Picnic Rug Design

2. Quality

As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for" and while I never have owned a picnic rug purchased from Kmart, it didn't take long to see that poor quality appears to be an issue.

Even on their own website, the reviews are not great with one even saying that she would be surprised if the rug would last a couple of picnics. So while our rugs might be around 7X the price of the cheaper discount rugs, we guarantee that the amount of uses and return on Investment on our rugs is way higher.

My advice here is to read the reviews, peoples experience with the product you are looking to purchase is the best advice you can get.

Kmart Picnic Rug Review

 3. Recycled Materials

Every single picnic rug that I researched from the big box retailers contain exactly zero recycled materials. This was surprising given the publics appetite for eco friendly, sustainable products, but obviously there is a specific price point that they do not want to have picnic rugs sitting above.

So instead of utilising the amazing technology available to repurpose what will essentially become waste and landfill into a material that can be reused, they instead use fabrics that pull finite resources from the ground. 

4. Material Safety

Picnic blankets from many discount retailers use a material called Polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA). PEVA is a less toxic alternative to PVC, but it still contain a bunch of toxins.

There are so many articles on the dangers of materials like this (it is actually a massive rabbit hole to dive down) but when a picnic is an experience shared normally with people you love, it pays to ensure you are using materials that will keep your loved ones safe.

Dangerous Materials in Picnic Rugs

5. Sustainability

It has always been our ethos around sustainability that we don't want the building of our brand or the creation of our products to effect future generations ability to create brands and products themselves.

For us, these decisions sit way higher in our decision making hierarchy than the realisation of profits. Unfortunately that can't be said with the big box retailers that are mostly publicly listed and need to financially reward shareholders.

6. Giving Back

We re so proud of the work we do both personally and in business with organisations such as Plastic Oceans Australasia, Fred Hollows Foundation, Ecologi, Tour De Cure and Take 3 For the Sea.


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